So-called "schuetzen shooting" began in the US in the late 19th Century, having been introduced by German immigrants.   It was one of the popular shooting sports, and occupied much the same niche as golf does nowadays.  Many of the shoots offered large prizes, so there were many "pro" shooters.   The late Chris Westergaard, for example, won enough money to buy a large farm in Iowa.   They shoots were large social affairs and drew large crowds of spectators.  Unfortunately, participation and interest declined sharply with the anti-German sentiments aroused by World War One.   A resurgence of interest began ca. 1950, and was whetted by matches sponsored by Coors Brewing in the l980's-1990's.   The chief governing body of the game is the American Single Shot Rifle Association,  which comprises not only shooters, but also collectors of the fine old rifles.

       We try to make the Columbia Schuetzenverein events sort of like "a gun show with live ammo", with participants bringing a large variety of seldom-seen old and new target rifles, and think of it as much more than just a target competition.

      To be more specific, our meetings are shooting get-togethers for non-bolt-action single-shot rifles, using black or smokeless powder, with plain-base lead bullets.   There are events for both 22RF and classic CF schuetzen-type rifles, using either iron sights or telescopic sights.    Since some single-shot shooters also have larger caliber, 40 cal and up, for black-powder target competition, we also hold events for "big-bore" rifles which are used with iron sights, only, though black powder ammunition is not required.

      The original competitions were fired off-hand (standing position) only, but many are interested to shoot from bench-rest, so the gamut of events ranges from offhand to bench-rest for group and bench-rest for score.   The big-bore "buffalo guns" are also fired from the sitting position resting on cross-sticks.   In addition to the regular targets, some novelty targets are popular.  Competitors are allowed one shot at a classic target particular to the type of rifle, e.g., a squirrel for 22RF and a buffalo for big bore guns.  Each person’s hame is placed by his bullet hole, and closest to center wins the framed target as a trophy.  Most of the matches are "re-entry" matches -- i.e., if you don't like your score, buy another target and shoot again.  So folks can get in a LOT of shooting during the 3 days of a match.  The shooting is not squadded, i.e, you can put up any target(s) on any relay and shoot whatever you want.   This means that you come at any time and shoot essentially as much as you want.

      Entry fees are $20/day or $50/3days, and include lunch and beverages.  There is also a $1 fee for each target, with all the fees above cost of the targets returned as prize money.  Visitors are welcome, and can come just to watch or even often borrow a gun to shoot a few shots.

       The range has a paved and covered firing point with 14 shooting benches.   There are target frames at 50-100-200-300 yd.    It is a rather idyllic site in a wooded river bottom, a pleasant place to relax.  It is located a few miles north of Frederick MD.  Driving directions are found elsewhere on this web-site.  You can contact me, RG "Chris" Christensen, at 301-926-2650 or (preferred) <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, if you have any further questions.    For planning purposes, it is appreciated (but not necessary) if you let me know in advance if you plan to attend.   You may also request to have your email address added to the schuetzen mailing list.   This is my preferred way of disseminating Results Bulletins and other pertinent communications.

Scheduled events in 2020 are May 16, 17, 18;  Aug 7, 8, 9:  and Oct 2, 3, 4.