All payments must be made in ADVANCE and prior to setting up your campsite. No Exceptions.
Make checks payable to TCSC, then mail to the address shown below to the attention of the treasurer. (Please indicate site number and dates that you will be camping on the bottom of your check).


Thurmont Conservation & Sportsman's Club

Attn: Treasurer
11617 Hunt Club Road, 
Thurmont, Maryland 21788-2614


Contact camping chairman Steve Bare for campsite availability at: (410) 868-5520


NOTE: The Active Camping Season runs from April to November and is defined as the time when the camp line water is turned on. Remember we are only a temporary camping facility.

Member Prices

  • Member Annual (water and electrical hookup ) $300.00
  • Members who have volunteered 70 or more work hours in the previous camping season - $150.00
  • Members may pro-rate all work hours at $5.00 each where up to $150 can be applied to camping fees.
  • Member per night $3.00
  • Member per month $50.00
  • Member Primitive (No water and No electric) FREE

2015 Guest Prices (All Guests must be accompanied by a current member at all times)

  • Guest per night $25.00
  • Guest Primitive per night (No Water and No electric) $5.00
    • NOTE: To be considered An Active Camper, a camper must sign in at the camping registration desk at least once every calendar month during the active summer camping season.


Camping Requirements:

All Campers must . . .

  • Sign In at the camping registration desk located near the garage. Please note post number on the electrical post of your campsite prior to signing in.
  • Pay Camping Fees In Advance and prior to setting up campsite.
  • Complete an Emergency Identification Sheet and display it in the window of your camper. (This sheet must contain the campers name, emergency telephone number and signature giving the club authorization to move the camper in the event of an emergency.) Emergency ID Sheets are located at the registration desk.
  • Take care to see that all campsite areas are clean and the grass is mowed (including areas around your equipment and personal effects)
  • Campfires must be placed in safe areas and in proper containers to prevent spreading. A hose or bucket of water should be kept close at hand just in case.
  • Pets must be kept on leashes and under direct control of their owners at all times.
  • Pet fecal waste (aka dog poop) must be disposed of and removed from campground.
  • 15 mph is the speed limit in all areas of the club and will be strictly enforced. If you see anyone breaking this rule, please inform them or notify a member of the board of directors with their license tag number immediately.
  • Campers are now permitted to have unattended electrical hook-up for refrigerator use only. "This does not to include air conditioning at any time."
  • You must either pay for the entire month (See Fee Schedule Above), or "you are not hooked-up at all" when your camper is left unattended. Continuous hook-up is only permitted if you are parked directly next to an electrical post. Grass cutting would be impossible if electrical lines were snaked throughout the club grounds. 


Camping Limitations:

    • Campers must not remove picnic tables from the pavilion for use at camp sites.
    • All equipment and personal effects must be on your site and are the responsibility of the camper when they are not there.
    • Garbage must be bagged and placed in the can nearest to your site. Only household generated garbage should placed in the cans. Broken furniture, grills, rugs etc. are not considered household trash and should be taken with you. Please do not litter. This includes cigarette butts!
    • All equipment and personal effects must be removed from the site when exiting the campground with your camper.
    • Fire rings must not be used to dispose of cans, bottles or household trash.
    • An adult must accompany children under the age of 6 years old to the bathhouse thus avoiding accidents and injury.
    • Respect the privacy of other campers. Do not walk through or between occupied sites or the private house. Only use designated roadways and pathways when walking through the club.
    • Respect Quiet Hours (Quiet hours are between 10 p.m. until 7 a.m.). Voices carry in the evening air, please use restraint.
    • Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children at all times while on club premises.
    • Children must be at their campsites by 9 p.m. and are not to be left unsupervised.
    • Bicycling on all club and campground roads must cease by dusk.
    • Attention Children: Rock throwing will not be tolerated any where on club grounds.


Active/Inactive Status:

NOTE: All campers who do not meet the requirements of an active camper, will be considered "inactive".

  • An inactive camper must move his trailer from any club camping spot to either off of the club grounds or into an open spot in the storage area for at least a one week period. This move must be coordinated with a camping committee member who will verify that the one-week removal period is actually performed.
  • A very limited amount of camper storage is now permitted on the club grounds. The storage area is located across the road from the upper camp line and behind the steel pole building. When the limited spaces are full, a member must either actively camp in the trailer, or move it off the club property until an opening occurs. Remember this is temporary storage only. All vehicles in this area will be available for relocation at the discretion of the camping chairman. All vehicles in this area must also carry current tag and registration stickers. Owners are responsible for grass maintenance around their units.
  • The camping committee will monitor camping activity on a monthly basis, and will be responsible for all coordination with "inactive" campers.
  • An active camper "shall not" camp for more then twenty consecutive day in any calendar month during the active camping season.
  • Thurmont Conservation & Sportsman's Club is a family friendly facility. We offer a wide range of recreational amenities for all to enjoy. Our objective is to encourage and promote your love for the great outdoors. These camping rules where designed to ensure a pleasant experience for every member and their guests.