2024 Schedule - CMP




Apr 20

                        CMP - John C. Garand   08:00 

June 22



                        CMP - John C. Garand                         







 Aug  10

                        CMP - John C. Garand



Oct  13

                        CMP - John C. Garand



Sponsored By: Thurmont Conservation & Sportman's Club

Location & Directions: Thurmont, Maryland. From Frederick - Take Rt. 15 North to Old Frederick Rd, bear right and exit, straight to Hunt Club Rd, make right, come to "T" in road, make right, straight into TCSC grounds. The gate will be open, follow gravel road past clubhouse and past campers to rifle range.

Competition open to: Open invitation, but to qualify to purchase M-1 Garands, competitors must be a member of a CMP affiliated club. All competitors must have a notarized "Eligibility Affidavit and Liability Agreement" on file at the TCSC. A Notary may be available during match registration.

What to Bring: Any .30 caliber "as issued" U.S. service rifle, M1903 Springfield, M1917 Enfield, M-1 Garand, M1941 Johnson, M-1 Carbine. 
NO "NM" parts, glass bedding or similar modifications will be permitted.

Match Course: All competitors will shoot the same course of fire throughout the day which will be either John C. Garand Course B or course A. Which course is fired, will be at the sole discretion of the Match Director based on weather conditions and number of competitors, utilizing the 100 yd firing line and NRA SR-1 targets.

Ammunition: Competitor may utilize their personal ammunition provided it is deemed safe by Match Director and simply pay the Match Fee. 55 rounds (for course B) or 35 rounds (for course A) of .30-06 CMP ammunition will be issued to each competitor upon payment of the fee schedule below. 
30 Carbine Ammunition is no longer available.

Match Fee = $ 20.00 Match Fee + 55 Rounds (B) = $35.00 Match Fee + 35 Rounds (A) = $30.00

Registration: Opens at 8:00 AM. Competitors must be at the range on or before 8:45 AM to participate!

Firing Starts: 9:00 AM, promptly.

Rules: Per CMP Competitions Rule Book.

Awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for top competitors as well as CMP purchase certificates for all competitors.

General Information: Bring a bag lunch or snack items and something to drink. Soft drinks may be available for purchase during the match. It is recommended to wear loose, comfortable clothing appropriate for the outside conditions (i.e. sweater, hat, gloves, sun block). Alcohol will not be consumed during the match, if discovered, competitor will be disqualified and removed from the range. 

Files are available for download: 
Eligibility Affidavit and Liability Agreement 
CMP Match Registration Form



For more information, contact:
Kevin Lippold (240)288-8058 or e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
***** or *****
Terry Eyler at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

View some photographs from previous Matches: Civilian Marksmanship Program - John C. Garand match 5-12-01